Me & Dad

Carbonfibre is my all time favourite material to work with. Started a while back at the age of 13.  Annoying my Dad in the shed... he eventually let me polish moulds and help with small projects of the industry subject. From there I grew up... a little... studied graphic design, 3D design and creative digital media. At uni I developed huge respect for designers and urban artists and a total passion for all things pop art. Later I started working on combining the structure and laminating skills my Dad had drummed into me with the creative and experimental quality’s studying had given me and created a process that allows me to produce artwork with carbonfibre. There is nothing else like it, super high gloss, 3D like quality and completely original. 

Everything I produce is signed K8TB because without the years of experience passed on from Dad I wouldn’t be doing what I love. 


Thank you Terry Barnfield (Dad)

Your biggest fan Katy Barnfield